Penthouse on the Florida Gulf Shore

The penthouse at Portofino Towers on the sandy shores of the Florida panhandle was designed as a summer retreat that celebrated its surroundings. The inspiration for the design comes from the small fishing village of Portofino, Italy. The design beckons to the tranquility of the Italian countryside and colors of the Mediterranean. The objective was to create a colorful, casual space with the use of a soft color palette, fabrics and accessories that embraced motifs characteristic to the Italian town. The penthouse was designed with a formal entry, but utilized the efficiency of an open floor plan for the main living areas. The living room had to also function as a family room. A room was created that was elegant enough to entertain in, but allowed flexibility and durability of everyday family life. The furniture selection and placement make the most of the panoramic views from each room in the penthouse.

Interior Design Associates
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