Houseboat on the Bayou

A fresh and contemporary spin to a design inspired by the Art Deco period, this home on the water is as refreshing as its environment. The bold colors of the Art Deco period are prevalent throughout the houseboat. As with any bold color, the key is to use the right amount in the right intensity. Too much can easily overpower a room. The accent of silver-metallic trim is used for an unexpected edge. Materials play a significant role in establishing the relationship between the living areas and the bedroom quarters. Teak appears in the form of ceiling paneling for the kitchen and gallery, contributing texture to a seamless background. The furnishings and fabrics were selected to emphasize the relaxed feeling evoked by the design and to coordinate with their adjacent spaces. In the open plan, the living room, lounge and dining area are each distinct in their own right, but offer endless opportunities when entertaining with a simple rearrangement of the spaces.

Interior Design Associates
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